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5 powerful reads for the health and love of your body:

1. The Body Is Not an Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love – Sonya Renee Taylor 2.Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing– Christiane Northrup
 3.When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress– Gabor Maté 4.The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma…
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Return to Love

As we approach Valentines day tomorrow, and the Hallmark holiday of Love I find myself reflecting on what life would be like if we all lead our lives from the space of our hearts?  A number of years ago I read Marriane Williamsons book a Return to Love, in it she writes: “Love is what…
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Let Your Breath Comfort Your Heart

Did you know that strong emotions have an immediate effect on our breathing? Emotions can alter many of the most important characteristics of normal breathing.  Depending on the emotion, we may breathe faster, sigh, gasp, or even stop breathing altogether.  The good news is that each of us can influence our emotional reactions through breath…
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What beliefs do you hold about your body?

What does “come home to your body” mean to you? At some point we have all struggled with body image, body acceptance and loving our body. One way that we can return to trusting our body’s wisdom is by unpacking our beliefs about our body. Here is a reflection question for you to ponder. What…
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Affirmations for the Heart

Tune into your heart space with these Affirmations.  Say them to yourself out loud: I am worthy of unconditional loveI accept and love myself fullyI welcome love into my life Love surrounds and guides meI live my life in alignment with my heart Repeat morning and night 

How do we become more embodied

How do we become more embodied?  Here are 3 suggestions to start on the path to embodiment. 1) Bring awareness to your body: Practice noticing sensations and feelings in your body.  2. Notice how your thoughts and emotions affect your physical being.  Try to notice when you are not in your body and why? 3.…
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Dance Heals

I’ve healed on so many levels because of dance. 💃🏻 Healing with dance is a powerful medicine it can heal the whole person on physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels.  What has been your experience of using dance as a therapeutic tool?  I would love to hear your stories please share in the…
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Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you feel disconnected from your body? Disconnect from it’s sensations and wisdom?  Here are common causes of disconnection: Reflect on what feels the most true to you.  -Everytime you turn your attention towards your body, all you feel is pain and emotionally overwhelmed you don’t know how to do deal with it so you…
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Affirmations for Releasing the Past

Did you know the brain 🧠 handles positive and negative information in different hemispheres?  Negative emotions generally involve more thinking, and the information is processed more thoroughly than positive ones.  This is why we tend to ruminate more about unpleasant events and use stronger words to describe them than happy ones. 💥 Here is where…
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One Minute Mediation

Breathing in through the nose, Breathing out through the mouth. Breathing in feeling your lungs expanding, Breathing out feeling a sense of letting go.  Breathing in to feel your body fill up with vital energy,Breathing out to feel the release of any tension  Breathing in feeling alive and awake, Breathing out feeling your muscles relaxing.  Breathing in a…
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