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Dance as prayer

In the rhythm of our movements, we find a sacred space where words may fail us. Dance transcends language, becoming a powerful form of prayer. With every step, we offer our intentions to the universe. Through graceful gestures, we express gratitude, seek solace, or send healing energy to those in need. Dance connects us to…
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Embodied Check-In Meditation

Guided embodied awareness meditation to check in with how your body feels now. This meditation/exploration is also designed to support you in developing internal awareness skills. After listening to the meditation take time to write or draw in your journal.  Here are some reflection questions: What did you notice in your internal landscape?  What where…
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Do you recognize your body as a safe space?

Do you recognize the space within you as safe space?  If it feels good to you let’s do a short awareness practice together.  On your next breath follow your breath inwards.  Bring your awareness inside. If you feel comfortable you can close your eyes. As you follow your breath inside, the invitation is to follow…
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Benefits of Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness has been demonstrated to have many benefits: Reduced stress levels Increased immune functioning Improved ability to stay focused Enhanced intuition and decision making Mindfulness can change your perspective and improve your health and wellbeing. Check out here videos here on how meditation has changed her life.