Spiritual Wellness Coach

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

 – Diane Mariechild

Women’s Dance Circles a path to rembering your true divine essence

Our programs are designed for Women who are ready to reclaim the wisdoms innate to their bodies and spirituality.

Are you:

Seeking opportunities to deep dive in your spiritual path?
Feeing ready to drop the masks and show up authentically with all of who you are in every part of your life?
Have you been craving an oasis where you can tune-into and receive your  guidance, direction and inspiration?
Ready to reawaken your passion and creativity?
Seeking to participate in woman-centered rituals and acquire a deeper connection to your spirituality and divine essence?
Feeling called to be in circle with like-minded women, where you are accepted and supported as you are?
Love to dance and want to use it as a tool for your spiritual growth?

Welcome to the Circle!

Our Sacred Container 
The dancefloor 

Our sacred container is the dance floor, it is both a mirror and an ecosystem.

A place where we can be safely witness and be with all of who we are. A place where we can choose to lean into and move with our pain, our fears, our doubts our love, our joy, and our bliss.

A place where the abandonded rejected, forgotten pieces of ourselves are accepted, welcomed and claimed back into the whole.

The dance floor also gives us an and open landscape of fertile ground to rest in, to play, to rediscover, and create a new reality through movement and intention.

There is no right or wrong way of moving. There are no dance steps or perscribed ways of dancing. Your own inner compass and curated arch of world music takes you on a transformational journey of personal exploration and liberation.

A moving meditation, as there are no specific dance moves, it is guided by your own expressive improvised movement. 

Listen to one of our music journeys here

Anchored in  
Ritual & Ceremony 

Sweet sister,

for a long time we have been cut off from our inherent, intuitive ways of knowing.
We have been taught to look outside ourselves for the answers to life’s questions.
Yet many of us have been feeling the hunger, the call, to return.
To acknowledge that there is something more.
An inherent knowing that is as old as time, that can’t be explained but only experienced.
We are longing for permission, freedom and encouragement to trust what we feel, what we know.
We are looking for ways to express our experiences, our coming into our feminine essence.
We are being called to return, to reconnect with our essential female energy.
To shift our deep fascination with anything connected to the Goddess or Divine Feminine to embodied action.
To sit in circle with other women, to be witnesses, heard, held.
To create our own rites of passages and rituals, to celebrate and mark the important events in our lives.
To be in personal ceremony to find and acknowledge the answers we hold within.
It is time to return.

Why dance 

Over the last number of years many scientific studies have been conducted that show the enate benefit of dancing for the mind and body.  If we also look to any ancient culture we can see that dance played an integral part. Here are some ways that dance can help us today. 

Increases Self-Awareness

Access parts of your body that might be numb, that might feel abandoned or shutdown

Access Vitality 

Dance helps us access a greater sense of vitality  embodied awareness, connecting us to a deeper sense of aliveness 

Connect to your wisdom

When we dance, the mind gets to take a pause, and we  get to hear the subtle messages that our bodies are sending us, it is an opportunity to receive intuition, and “aha” moments.


During dance we get to be curious about our bodies. It is an opportunity to be with all that is arising and this in itself is deeply self-healing.

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Dance Temple  – Women’s Circle 

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Not only a dance space but a  
Sacred Circle & Sisterhood 

In this space
we are all holding the circle
and we are all being held by the circle

The woman siting beside me, across from me, and all around the circle is her own unique expression of her lived experience. Yet I can find parts of myself reflected in her.

As our eyes meets I hold her gaze softly, kindly, sending a whisper from my heart.
I see you
I hear you
I love you
I vow to honour her as I would honour myself.
As I listen to her share
I am receptive and open
Making sure to check myself for comparison, judgement, competitiveness and airs of superiority making sure not to invite them into the circle.

Each woman is soverign and the Queen of her domain. I don’t give advice. Unless I am asked directly.
Only then do I share from my own life experience about what has been helpful to me. Making sure to never use the words “you should”.

This is our Sacred Circle Manifesto 


Here’s what some of our participants are saying:

“What an experience! Liz is a phenomenal, compassionate facilitator. From the moment you step into the space to the moment you leave, you can feel all the love and care she has put into creating a safe and welcoming space. She truly creates an experience for you to move, shift, transform, laugh, cry and explore the depths of your being. You can feel her passion in her attention to detail from the music she chooses, the words she speaks and how she facilitates the beautiful, flowing energy. Thank you for the amazing and beautiful women’s circle and dance experience.” 

Sam Warren

 – Holistic Wellness

“I attended Liz’s Fly Free women’s circle and ecstatic dance a few weeks ago on my birthday and it was the greatest gift I could give myself! To share in sacred space with sisterhood, support, intention, connection, and magic as we all pushed ourselves to spread our wings wide and fly free, was intimately divine to me! And the love, presence and pure sweetness that emanates from Liz Diaz makes her the perfect guide! “

Shannon Glashan 


“Liz than you so much for creating and providing such a nourishing and safe space to connect, ground, release laugh, cry, learn, remember, reflect, set intentions and have fun. These past few weeks have been an absolute pleasure and blessing, Dance Temple has reminded me of the beauty that my body can feel when it is moving, and I allow l life to flow freely through me” 

Martine distefano

Dance Temple Participant

My personal journey ~ Wisdom from the Dance Floor 

In 2011 I had an spiritual awakening experience through movement.  It was deeply transformational and came at a major pivotal point of change in my life. I was struggling with finding my purpose, I knew their was something more to life but wasn’t sure what it was, or how to find it.  I was also feeling very disconnected from my body and ungrounded in who I was. 

The dancefloor gifted me a gateway to come back home to my body and to myself.  Though dance I learned how to give my self permission to be me. I learned how to find compassion for myself, and to really truly deeply love myself.

I also learned how to be patient with myself, accept myself, love myself, honour myself, know my self-worth, express myself, forgive myself, rust myself and empower myself

Read more about my journey

Ready to start your journey to reclaiming the divine wisdom of your body?