Dance, Heal, Transform

Our programs are designed for Women who are ready to reclaim the innate spirtual wisdom of their body through somatic practice, ritual, dance and sisterhood.

Sweet Sister, I am so glad that you are here, 

For a long time we have been cut off from our inherent, intuitive ways of knowing.
We have been taught to look outside ourselves for the answers to life’s questions.
Yet many of us have been feeling the hunger, the call, to return.
To acknowledge that there is something more.
An inherent knowing that is as old as time, that can’t be explained but only experienced.
Sister, are you longing for permission, freedom and encouragement to trust what you feel?
Are you looking for ways to express and integrate your life experiences, mind, body and soul?
Are you being called to return, to reconnect with your body and feminine essence?
To sit in circle with other women, to be witnesses, heard, held.
Do you want to create your own rites of passages, ceremonies and rituals, to celebrate and mark the important events in your life?
It is time to return.
Ready to dive in? Scroll down to find out how.

Upcoming Dance Circles:

Release & Emerge  An Embodied Pathway to Release 2023 & Emerge into 2024 https://www.lizdiaz.ca/dancecircle/

4 mini online retreats from Dec – April to support you in living an intentional life.  We start December 10th

Dec 10th – Reflections; Honouring 2023
Jan 7th – Embracing Possibilities; Visioning 2024
Feb 4th – Return to Love; Infusing love into you passions &purpose.
March 3rd – Rebirth;Life emerging from the darkness into the light.

Rituals & Ceremonies Available for Booking

–Metamorphosis Rite of Passage Ceremony for Women transitioning through Menopause
–Miscarriage ritual to honour pregnancy loss
-Fertility Ritual
-Water Ritual for Grief
-Fire Ritual for Release
-Healing the Heart Ceremony with Cacao & Roses
-Flower Ritual for Blossoming
-Womb Healing Ceremony
-Cord Cutting Ceremony
-Soul Retrival Ceremony
-Distance Reiki
Full descriptions and booking schedule can be found by clicking the button below 

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Dance Heal Transform – 21 Day Daily Theraputic Dance Program 

Discover a new way to promote healing, growth, and transformation in your life. Through the power of movement, reset and realign your mind, body & soul in just 15 mins a day.
Full program details can be found here or the button below.

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1-1, Twelve Week Program 

My Wise Body 1-1 Program 

If you have been searching for a body-centered, therapeutic, and holistic approach to healing, one that will rebuild a peaceful and joyful connection with your body, then this program is precisely what you’ve been seeking.
It’s time to reclaim your body, unleash your inner power, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound transformation.

Full Program Details Here
Bi-weekly Sessions

6 guided sessions; a unique blend of body-centered counselling and experiential skill learning through somatic-based practices, mindfulness, dance movement therapy and expressive arts

Ongoing Support

In between sessions, I will be available to provide additional support via email and voice notes. This support is essential for integration and deepening your understanding and practice of the tools you are learning 

Resources for Healing and Growth

As part of the program, you will receive valuable resources such as PDF handouts and audio recordings. These resources will support your healing and growth, offering you guidance and inspiration beyond our sessions.

Personal Sacred Tool Kit

By the end of the program, you will walk away with a personal sacred tool kit consisting of daily practices and rituals. These tools will anchor you and keep you connected to your body and spirit, even after the program concludes.

Dance Temple- Women’s Dance
Circle Training

Women have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. Are you feeling the call to return and reclaim the art of holding sacred circle? Than this transformative and therapeutic training is for you.

full training details here
6 week Group Program

My Wise Body Group Program 

My Wise Body is a 6 week program where we use dance movement therapy, mindfulness and somatic awareness to explore topics related to: deepening self-love, emotional awareness, embodied listening, self-compassion, body image and body identity.

Full program details here
Who this program is for

This group is for women & female identified folks struggling with self-love & feeling at home in their body.  Specifically for those experiencing  challenges around self-love, body image, and body acceptance related to (but not limited to) lack of body positivity, body changes, chronic illness or chronic pain.

What to expect from this group

-Six 90min guided sessions where you get to practice how to use mindfulness, movement and embodiment skills to create a more peaceful relationship with your body
-A small intimate group setting with a maximum of 8 participants
-A safe and nurturing space for you to honour and express
-Take home resources that you can use at anytime even after the group finishes

Online Perimenopause 
Support Group

8 week group program called PAUSE.
It is a blend of educational and practical tools and techniques.
Through 8 transformational modules we cover a range of topics, including embracing change and body image, cognitive function, sleep management, emotional well-being, menstrual symptom relief, pelvic floor health, building healthy relationships, and redefining identity and purpose.
Through this program you will gain practical tools and techniques to support your well-being throughout the perimenopause journey.


Individual & Small Group Retreats Sacred Valley of Peru

Ready to visit Peru? Are you traveling solo or with a small group of friends?
I’ve now been living in the Sacred Valley of Peru for over a three years now, and have meet some amazing local practitioners, visited many mystical sites, and archaeological centeres and I’m so excited to be able to share the many gifts of what Peru has to offer  you.
There are 3 types of retreats to choose from:
1) individual and small cultural tours & spiritual wellness retreats. The best thing about this retreat is that the programming is specialized and tailored to your needs, you choose which activities best fits your interests.
2) Sacred Pause – Perimenopause Retreat for women seeking to honour the sacredness of this life transition.
3) Body Temple – women’s conscious dance retreat. More details can be found via the link below. 

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Here’s what some of our participants are saying:

“Being a part of one of Liz’s four week Dance Movement Therapy Circles was a beautiful experience. I felt welcomed and supported by a caring community of women, each on their own healing journey. Liz had such a gentle way of guiding us to explore and reflect on very difficult topics related to self-worth. Through discussion, journaling movement, visualizing, dance and art concepts like power and boundaries became more emotionally accessible. I enjoyed the therapeutic feeling of movement so much that I went on to participate in Liz’s 21 day Dance, Heal Transform program. Discovering movement as a tool for exploring, processing and expressing my emotions has become a real joy 

Jeanette Seymour

I have been working with Liz for many years. She was my first ecstatic dance teacher, and has been a wonderful mentor.
I am currently enrolled in her facilitator training program, and am participating in her dance, heal transform 21 day dance challenge. Her eclectic music offerings are always inspiring and help me feel more creative and in flow with life.  Working with Liz has infused a fresh new energy into my life and my work, and has helped me move through these transitions with more Love, ease, and grace. She has helped me remember time and time again that dance is medicine, and healing in many ways.
She holds a beautiful space of Love and inclusion. She has a groundedness that helps me feel calm and centered. This helps me come back to my home, my body, and reminds me to honour my true self, and to keep dancing towards what I need, to keep THRIVING.

Trish Carriera 

“Liz than you so much for creating and providing such a nourishing and safe space to connect, ground, release laugh, cry, learn, remember, reflect, set intentions and have fun. These past few weeks have been an absolute pleasure and blessing.  Our group has reminded me of the beauty that my body can feel when it is moving, and I allow l life to flow freely through me” 

Martine distefano

My personal journey ~ Wisdom from the Dance Floor 

In 2011 I had an spiritual awakening experience through movement.  It was deeply transformational and came at a major pivotal point of change in my life. I was struggling with finding my purpose, I knew their was something more to life but wasn’t sure what it was, or how to find it.  I was also feeling very disconnected from my body and ungrounded in who I was. 

The dance gifted me a gateway to come back home to my body and to myself.  Though dance I learned how to give my self permission to be me. I learned how to find compassion for myself, and to really truly deeply love myself.

I also learned how to be patient with myself, accept myself, love myself, honour myself, know my self-worth, express myself, forgive myself, rust myself and empower myself

Read more about my journey

Ready to start your journey to reclaiming the divine wisdom of your body?