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How can we start to listen to our body?

How can we start to listen to our body?  Here are a few key things to remember:  Feel what you feel – don’t suppress, push down or reject what you are feeling  Accept what you feel – it’s so easy for us to judge or what we are actually feeling, try to be compassionate and…
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Your Body is not the Enemy

I wanted to let you know I’ve been there, disconnected from my body, the ramped negative self-talk, pushing down and repressing my feelings, totally living in my head, and not trusting my gut instincts, doubting myself constantly while looking for approval, advice and validation from others. What if there was another way?  What if I…
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Let Your Breath Comfort Your Heart

Did you know that strong emotions have an immediate effect on our breathing? Emotions can alter many of the most important characteristics of normal breathing.  Depending on the emotion, we may breathe faster, sigh, gasp, or even stop breathing altogether.  The good news is that each of us can influence our emotional reactions through breath…
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