Steps on the healing journey

Today I wanted to share with you some important discoveries I’ve made along my own healing journey and what I’ve noticed in supporting clients through their’s. 

I hopes that these reflections help you as you walk along your own healing path. 

Steps of the Healing Journey 
(In no particular order) 

Set boundaries and limits that feel right to you. 
Most people aren’t going to understand what you are experiencing so it will be up to you to set and hold the tone for how much you can give/do. 

Develop a list of activities that help you feel better. 
This is essential in boosting yourself esteem and reducing stress. If you can start to access moments when you are feeling good about yourself it can shift and quicken the recovery process. 

Learn how to navigate and share your emotions. 
It’s normal to experience bouts of grief, anger and sadness during the healing journey, however it’s important to have healthy ways to process these emotions. Seek support from a therapist, coach or support group and try some self-healing tools like expressive arts. 

Watch you mind and self-talk.
You may have lots of negative thoughts about yourself and your life. It’s important to get your mind onboard as a supportive voice. Mindfulness practices can help maintain a self-accepting and positive outlook. 

Surround yourself with people who are supportive. 
Seek out people in your community who have had similar life experiences to you, find a support group. This will help you not feel so alone in your experience. 

Learn to advocate for yourself. Advocacy is especially important when navigating the medical system and getting the right support. Advocacy also comes into play when asking for accommodations from your workplace. 

Above all lean into spiritual practices that build faith and self-compassion. 

What have you discovered about yourself during you healing journey?


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