Month: August 2020

The Primary Language of the Body is Movement

We communicated through the body long before we learned how to talk.  The language of the body is essentially our 1st and primary language.  As we grew we added words to our communication HOWEVER  Body language remains our most basic means of recognizing our needs and expressing ourselves.  When was the last time you turned…
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Moving with Grief

Dancing with grief In my last post I talked about grief being a normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. Yet words sometimes aren’t enough to express and process the array of thoughts, moods, sensations and emotions that accompany grief and loss.  Emotions need motion.  Emotions need space, space to be felt, moved,…
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Let’s Talk About Grief

Let’s talk about grief  Over the last few months, like many, I have been riding waves of emotions; trust, anxiety, fear, optimism, gratitude and grief.  My daily reflections and practices have been focused on what it means to truly be present while navigating discomfort caused by an uncertain and unknown future. Digging deep into my…
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