Somatic Grounding – The body as a gateway for reconnecting to safety, vitally and joy 

There are many subtle and not so subtle ways we become disconnect from our body. It is inevitable and a normal part of life. Painful events, trauma, and poor attachment styles can cause us to loose our ground. Shaking our foundation, our base of security from which we draw energy and support to move through the world.  We all are ungrounded a different times in our lives, but when it becomes a permanent state, the quality of our lives can start to drastically decrease. 

So how can we connect to reconnect to our body, and feel present and mindful? 

We can practice somatic resourcing to support grounding, giving us a sense of feeling steady, reliable, in touch with reality, balanced and secure in ourselves and our beliefs.

Somatics use touch and movement, patting, dancing, shaking, stretching – all reconnecting us to experience ourselves as embodied through the physical senses.  Somatic practises can really help us ground in intentionally; using the body as a gateway for reconnecting to safety, vitally and joy that is available to us through the awareness of relating to our body.

Ready to become more grounded in you life and body?

Join me for my upcoming 4 week series – Rooted in the Body – Somatic Movement & Dance Movement Therapy practices for coming home and reclaiming the temple of your body 

We start Jan 23rd Online & In person (Toronto) 7-9pm EST.  Full details can be found here


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