Month: October 2020

Spiritual Connection

PERSONAL STORY ON SPIRITUAL CONNECTION  The first spiritual experience that I can remember, happened during a high school gym assembly (I went to an all girls catholic school) I don’t recall the exact details of what was happening in my teenaged life; but I do remember being overwhelmed, confused, sad,and angry. I was sobbing and…
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Invite what feels good in your life along with what feels hard

The practice of resourcing has been so useful for me during the last couple of months.  As a practice it has supported me in finding my center while I navigate the rapid changes of life that we are all experiencing individually and collectively.  This practice reminds me to find courage, self-compassion and love in the…
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Honouring Our Life Cycles

Everyone’s journey is so entirely different.  One thing is for certain, the journey is not a straight line. It ebbs and flows, always changing. Like the seasons, or the phases of the moon.We are not linear, rigid, routine or stagnant. We are cyclic, fluid, flexible and ever changing. However we have been taught that we…
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Your Thoughts and Beliefs Impact your Health & Wellbeing

“Thoughts that are uplifting, nurturing, and loving create healthy biochemistry and healthy cells, while thoughts that are destructive to self or others do just the opposite.  We are born with innate love and acceptance of our bodies.  Over time, our bodies and states of health are molded by the habitual thoughts and beliefs that guide…
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