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What are the key aspects that define a healthy relationship with the body?

A healthy relationship with your body is characterized by a sense of connection, respect, and care. Here are some key aspects that define a healthy relationship with your body: A healthy relationship with your body is a lifelong journey that involves self-awareness, self-compassion, and ongoing efforts to nurture and honour your body’s well-being. It’s about…
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10 Steps to Starting Your Daily Therapeutic Dance Practice: A Journey of Self-Expression and Healing

Therapeutic dance is a powerful practice that allows you to tap into the transformative potential of movement and self-expression. It’s a journey of self-discovery and healing, where you can cultivate a deeper connection with your body, emotions, and innermost self. If you’re ready to embark on this enriching path, here are some steps to help…
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When was the last time you listened to your heart?

Take a minute and do a short heart-centering practice with me.  Start by sitting quietly for a few minutes with your hands on your heart. Place your hands In prayer pose at the center of your chest or one hand on top of the other at your heart.  Gently closing your eyes.  Bring your breath…
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What’s the word with the Womb?

A number of years ago I started tracking my menstrual cycle, this commitment to deepen my self knowledge created a massive shift in my awareness and connection to my womb, one larger than I could have ever imagined. Tracking my cycle gifted me tangible insights into my monthly “moods”, which gave me the ability to…
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Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi

Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi  Article written for the Toronto Yoga Conference Guide 2019 Our planet is rich with beautiful crystals; they can be found in every part of our lives, from diamond engagement rings to the silicon chip that make our cell phones work. Crystals not only provide functional value…
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New Beginnings Ecstatic Dance Set

Take an hour and drop into what you are starting in your life.  This Mini Ecstatic Dance Set was curated to help you realize that everyday is a new beginning; to empower and gift ourselves the opportunity to begin a fresh, every day.

How to Ground Your Energy when you work with high volumes of people

  Thanks Victoria for your question! How to ground your energy if you work at a mall, trade show, conference centre. These techniques can also apply to other jobs where you are working with high volumes of people. 1) eat grounding foods and drink lots of water 2) use a smudging midst or essential oil…
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