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Dance Heal Transform

Kick-off your mornings dancing! Reset and realign your mind, body & soul in just 30mins a day.  This program is focused on supporting you in healing and transforming your life through the practices of Ecstatic Dance, Dance Movement Therapy, and Somatic Awareness. No experience is required to participate.  We START Nov 7th, 2022, Monthly until…
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Our body is the temple to our soul

Do you see your body as a temple? In yoga and many other spiritual traditions the body is considered the temple of the soul.  Yet many of us can’t begin to imagine our bodies as safe, let alone sacred.  Our internal worlds might not feel safe, there might be pain, grief, and we would not…
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Rejecting our Body

Sometimes we think that by rejecting and disconnecting from our body, that what we are feeling is going to magical go away. But the truth is it doesn’t.  It usually gets worse. The sensations we get from our body are letting us know something is off, and they are just going to get louder and…
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When was the last time you listened to your heart?

Take a minute and do a short heart-centering practice with me.  Start by sitting quietly for a few minutes with your hands on your heart. Place your hands In prayer pose at the center of your chest or one hand on top of the other at your heart.  Gently closing your eyes.  Bring your breath…
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How do you want to feel in 2021?

Let’s be honest, lots of planning and high achieving goals may not be the way to go this year.  What if instead we keep our focus simple?  What if we focused on how we want to feel instead?  Here are 6 simple steps to connect to your desired feelings for this coming year:  Step 1:…
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Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi

Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi  Article written for the Toronto Yoga Conference Guide 2019 Our planet is rich with beautiful crystals; they can be found in every part of our lives, from diamond engagement rings to the silicon chip that make our cell phones work. Crystals not only provide functional value…
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New Beginnings Ecstatic Dance Set

Take an hour and drop into what you are starting in your life.  This Mini Ecstatic Dance Set was curated to help you realize that everyday is a new beginning; to empower and gift ourselves the opportunity to begin a fresh, every day.

Energetic Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring! For a true harvest to happen in the fall we need to create space to seed and grow this spring. It is nearly impossible for things to grow if the energy is stagnant and full of old energy. 1. Smudge – Do a full clearing of your house with Cedar, Sage, Palo Santo…
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How to Ground Your Energy when you work with high volumes of people

  Thanks Victoria for your question! How to ground your energy if you work at a mall, trade show, conference centre. These techniques can also apply to other jobs where you are working with high volumes of people. 1) eat grounding foods and drink lots of water 2) use a smudging midst or essential oil…
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