Be Kind to Yourself

Why is it so hard to give the same kindness and compassion to ourselves that we easily offer to others?

Maybe it’s because we have been taught that to do so is selfish or inappropriate in some way🙄

Loving-kindness is NOT selfish, it is something everyone needs and deserves.

Loving-kindness is something that we can give to ourselves at anytime, but is especially important when we are navigating feelings of pain or fear.

The idea of self-compassion may seem out of reach for some of us, and can stir questions like… Where and how can I begin?

Let me assure you that loving-kindness is a skill that everyone can develop and strengthen overtime

Here is a simple practice that you can start with

Loving Kindness Practice:

Each morning, when you wake up bring your hands to your heart ❤️ and ask

How can I be kind to myself today?

Throughout your day check-in with yourself and ask:

How can I be kind/compassionate/loving to myself in this moment?

This is such a simple yet powerful practice that can bring instant feelings of support. Try it!

We can all use a bit more loving kindness and compassion right now. 

Feel free to DM if you have questions or comments about the practice of loving-kindness 

Sending kindness your way,



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