Our Bodies Speak to Us

Our bodies speak to us with sensations, images, emotions, and an inner knowing that go beyond words.

Yet most of us are conditioned at a very young age to turn off our inner guidance system of sensation. 

Which can leave us feeling lost, shutdown and disconnect from our unique essence and vitality.

So, how do we learn to tune (back) into our body’s inner knowing? 

Learning to access your body’s wisdom is ongoing process, and a daily practice. 

It is also important to remember to be gentle with yourself; self-compassion is key, as you start to rebuild a relationship with your wisdom. 

Please know that no matter how long you’ve ignored your body’s wisdom or silenced your intuition, it’s still there, waiting for you to return and listen. 

Embodiment Practice:

Here is a 2 minute practice to get you started:

Begin by putting your hand over your heart 

Notice how your heart beats under your palm, and how your chest rises and falls with each breath you take. 

Take 3 more breaths in this way. 

Now, tune into your body and in a gentle voice, ask yourself “how am I feeling right now?”

The responses that arise might be sensations, feelings, visual, or words.

Notice what you are feeling

I feel______? Relaxed? Tired? Hungry? Thirsty? Jittery? Upset, Anxious, Happy etc

Take a moment to listen.

Then ask “What do I need right now?”. 

Your body might respond with something like this:

I need a snack. I need to drink some water. I need to dance for 5 minutes and shake out my frustration from my morning commute. 

Or it might provide you with deeper insights like: I’m actually upset, and need to have a conversation with ___about ___ I said yes too quickly because I felt like I had to, I actually need to say no instead of yes.

If we can create space for listening, we gain more awareness about what is true for us. 

From this place of truth we can make more grounded choices and live more authentically in our joy and power.

I invite you to take time out throughout your day to check-in with yourself. 

Your inner wisdom is a powerful ally and guide. 


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