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Steps on the healing journey

Today I wanted to share with you some important discoveries I’ve made along my own healing journey and what I’ve noticed in supporting clients through their’s.  I hopes that these reflections help you as you walk along your own healing path.  Steps of the Healing Journey (In no particular order)  Set boundaries and limits that feel…
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Spiritual Connection

PERSONAL STORY ON SPIRITUAL CONNECTION  The first spiritual experience that I can remember, happened during a high school gym assembly (I went to an all girls catholic school) I don’t recall the exact details of what was happening in my teenaged life; but I do remember being overwhelmed, confused, sad,and angry. I was sobbing and…
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Growing Pains of Spiritually Awakening Women – Part #2 Illness as a Spiritual Catalyst for Change

Part #2 Illness as a Spiritual Catalyst for Change In this weeks Podcast we look at Illness as a Catalyst for change. Illness gives us the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves. It brings us into deeper awareness with our highest-selves and life purpose. Join in and listen as we take a look beyond…
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