Month: March 2021

Your Body is not the Enemy

I wanted to let you know I’ve been there, disconnected from my body, the ramped negative self-talk, pushing down and repressing my feelings, totally living in my head, and not trusting my gut instincts, doubting myself constantly while looking for approval, advice and validation from others. What if there was another way?  What if I…
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A Love Note to My Body

What would you say in a love note to your body?  Here are some ideas of how to start your note if you haven’t spoken to your body in a while.  I’m sorry I haven’t been listening to you but I am here now….. I want to be your friend can we start again …..…
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Change can be expansive in potential

There is something different about the months when we change season; they are periods of transition and transformation. In March, all of nature is heavy with seeds and emergence of new life. It is as if every tree is about to burst into bloom. 🌱 It is also a time of integration as we prepare…
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