Month: November 2023

5minute Embodied check-in:

Let’s take a moment for an embodied and somatic check-in. Close your eyes if you feel comfortable, or simply find a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths, allowing your awareness to shift from the busyness of the mind to the sensations in your body. 1. Grounding: Begin by noticing the points of contact between…
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woman dancing ecstatically

Moving Medicine – 45min ecstatic dance playlist

I’ve created this 45-minute playlist for you. Perfect for a Sunday morning of moving reflection, this carefully curated selection of songs is designed to be the soundtrack to your personal journey within. Your body knows the medicine your soul needs, and I hope this music serves as a gentle guide, encouraging you to embrace the…
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Dance is not just movement, dance can help you connect to living a more intentional life – A Dance Movement Therapy Prompt

Dance is not just movement; it’s a deliberate expression of the soul’s intentions. In the rhythmic language of the body, we find the power to shape our narrative, align with purpose and dance our was into an intentional life. Here’s how to begin (you will need a minimum of 15mins) : 1.Begin your movement/dance by finding…
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