Honouring Our Life Cycles

Everyone’s journey is so entirely different.  One thing is for certain, the journey is not a straight line. It ebbs and flows, always changing. Like the seasons, or the phases of the moon.We are not linear, rigid, routine or stagnant. We are cyclic, fluid, flexible and ever changing. However we have been taught that we…
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Your Thoughts and Beliefs Impact your Health & Wellbeing

“Thoughts that are uplifting, nurturing, and loving create healthy biochemistry and healthy cells, while thoughts that are destructive to self or others do just the opposite.  We are born with innate love and acceptance of our bodies.  Over time, our bodies and states of health are molded by the habitual thoughts and beliefs that guide…
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Healing Through Dance Interview

Last week I was interviewed by Tonya from @wild.soul.living !  We had a candid conversation about the divine feminine, healing through movement and the ancient wisdom of the body that is revealed in free form-dance.  Check it out! To listen follow the link here to apple podcast Thanks Tonya for having me on the Wild Soul Confidential…
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The Primary Language of the Body is Movement

We communicated through the body long before we learned how to talk.  The language of the body is essentially our 1st and primary language.  As we grew we added words to our communication HOWEVER  Body language remains our most basic means of recognizing our needs and expressing ourselves.  When was the last time you turned…
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Moving with Grief

Dancing with grief In my last post I talked about grief being a normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind. Yet words sometimes aren’t enough to express and process the array of thoughts, moods, sensations and emotions that accompany grief and loss.  Emotions need motion.  Emotions need space, space to be felt, moved,…
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Let’s Talk About Grief

Let’s talk about grief  Over the last few months, like many, I have been riding waves of emotions; trust, anxiety, fear, optimism, gratitude and grief.  My daily reflections and practices have been focused on what it means to truly be present while navigating discomfort caused by an uncertain and unknown future. Digging deep into my…
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Dancing counts as Self-Help!

Yup that’s right Dancing can be an act of self-care 👣 For me, it’s been the ultimate tool in self-care.  Dancing provides a space where I can come back to myself.  It’s a way that I can move with the emotions that I’m feeling in that moment that might not yet have words or be too…
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Peace Starts Within Me

In one of my recent posts I shared two mindfulness practices for bringing more compassion and loving-kindness into our daily lives ::I personally know that finding self-compassion can be challenging but it is something we need especially when navigate intense emotions and situations. ::So I made a 45min gentle and soothing playlist for you to mindfully move…
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Be Kind To Yourself

Why is it so hard to give the same kindness and compassion to ourselves that we easily offer to others?  Maybe it’s because we have been taught that to do so is selfish or inappropriate in some way. Loving-kindness is NOT selfish, it is something everyone needs and deserves. Loving-kindness is something that we can give…
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Closing the Bones ~ A Ritual for closing cycles ~

The New Moon Pisces asking us to let go; to empty out, to bring things to completion and create space for the beginning of a new cycle.

It is asking us to do this by tapping into our higher consciousness and meet our lessons learnt, from a space of unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness.

That it is time that we rise above, and graduate from them lessons learnt.

That by surrendering completed aspects of ourselves we can create space for something new to form, new work, values, new meaning, new answers.