Surround yourself with people who understand you

Have you ever tried to explain to a friend your experience of your body, or maybe how challenging it is for you to navigate the specific illness you live with? 

Your friend might be super empathetic but if they don’t have a similar lived experience they actual won’t get it.

It’s not their fault, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be left feeling mis-understood, and inadequate. 

It’s so important to have a support system of people who get it. 

When we can share with others who have common experiences to us, it reminds us that we aren’t alone in our experience.

It helps lighten the load a little bit, somehow making it feel not as hard to navigate our journey when we know others have to. 

If you are struggling with body positivity, self-love or a chronic illness and want support in building a more peaceful relationship with your body. Join the MY WISE BODY SUPPORT CIRCLE. 6 sessions of dance movement therapy & mindfulness we start next Thursday April 29th link in my bio with full details or visit www.lizdiaz.ca/supportcircle/ 


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