Your Body is not the Enemy

Your Body is not the Enemy

I wanted to let you know I’ve been there, disconnected from my body, the ramped negative self-talk, pushing down and repressing my feelings, totally living in my head, and not trusting my gut instincts, doubting myself constantly while looking for approval, advice and validation from others.

What if there was another way? 

What if I told you your body is not the enemy, but can be your best friend? 

That it is a vessel of wisdom and guidance? 

That you don’t have to wait to get really sick (that’s what happened to me in 2010) to start listening to and accessing the messages that your body is sharing with you on a daily basis.

Everything we want and need comes from our connection to the divine within, but we have to be able to hear the call and act on it. 

To live from our centers,from our intuition, we must restore, reconnect, explore and create new ways of embodying the divine.

I’ve been working with women for the last 8 years. And I am always in awe of the deep transformation that can happen when intentional take time out to listen, honour and move with what is stirring in our heart, body and soul.

I am deeply committed to holding and create spaces that inspires you to explore and cultivate embodied awareness and connection. 

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