3 skills you can develop to help you love your body as it is

I know starting the journey of coming home to our body can be challenging.

Here are 3 helpful skills to build to start the process of creating a healthy relationship with your body. 

1. Develop an awareness of the narratives that you hold and tell yourself about your body. This is the first step in changing them. 

2.Refine your embodied listening skills; to be able to hear the messages your body is share with you. Your body can be a supportive friend when you understand its’ language. 

3.Up your self-compassion. It is the gateway to self-acceptance and navigating life in our changing bodies with more ease. 

If you are feeling ready and are looking for support in developing these skills I have created six sessions to support you with this. 

In each session we use dance movement therapy and mindfulness to enhanced self-compassion, develop intuitive listening and embodied awareness skills.

These sessions are being offered in a small group setting via zoom, we start this Thursday April29th, and meet bi-weekly on Thursday evenings 7:30-9pm EST full details in the support circle tab 

If you want to do this work privately email me lizatlizdiaz.ca


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