Honouring Our Life Cycles

Honouring Our Life Cycles

Everyone’s journey is so entirely different. 

One thing is for certain, the journey is not a straight line.
It ebbs and flows, always changing.

Like the seasons, or the phases of the moon.
We are not linear, rigid, routine or stagnant. We are cyclic, fluid, flexible and ever changing.

However we have been taught that we must always be achieving, striving, in motion constantly. 

What I have learned from my own journey and what I see in my work with women is that there are pauses weaved into our natural rhythm.

Take a moment and reflect back on your life, on the last year, month or even day, you will notice that there were moments when you were in creation, and other moments when you needed to slow down and rest and other moments when you need to reflect etc.

The truth is we are changing all the time and it’s important to remember that our cycles and rhythms of life will also be different. 

Our life cycles are a symbol of change, and how we take care of ourselves during these times of change should also be reflective .

There is beauty in honouring your personal journey, I invite you to: 

1. Get to know your own patterns and listen to what your soul is calling from you. 

2. Empowering yourself through exploration of your rhythms, specifically your bodies rhythms is a simple and gentle way to honour and navigate your self care.

3.Take time to honour your journey as sacred.💫🌀

📸Picture of my offering to the land #cieneguilla on the last full moon of my 39th year (I turned 40 last week 🎂).

For a couple of days I had been feeling a strong call to honour my journey with a ritual. Taking pause, reflecting on the last 10 years and finding gratitude for all that I have learned before welcoming the start of a new cycle with my birthday. 

This offering was also an offering to the land asking for guidance as I continue to ground and find new paths, in peru. I have been coming to this little patch of trees, beside a river and mountains for the last two years, and it’s become my sacred nature altar. 


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