Seed Your Intentions – Dance Journey

You are invited to join us on profound two-hour dance journey, as we delve into the essence of the earth and seed our intentions through the art of movement.

I’ve created a transformative dance experience where we immerse ourselves in the elemental power of creation, symbolically planting seeds of intention to nurture our spiritual and personal growth.

As the seasons shift and nature awakens, let us align ourselves with the rhythm of life. Just as seeds contain the “power of creation,” our intentions hold the potential to manifest our deepest desires and aspirations.

When: Thursday May 16th 7-9pm EST

Where: Via Zoom 

Through guided movement, visualization, reflection, and ritual we will explore:

  • Seeding Intentions: What dreams and desires do you wish to cultivate in the fertile soil of your life?
  • Nurturing Growth: How can you tend to these intentions with care and dedication, allowing them to flourish in the coming months?
  • Harvesting Abundance: Envision the bountiful harvest that awaits you in the fall, as you reap the fruits of your intentional living.

What to Bring: Please come prepared with a journal, pen, colouring supplies, and a candle to support you in your intention setting. 

If you feel called, you may also bring seeds that you intent to plant. However, please note that physical seeds are not necessary for participation; we will utilize various techniques, including visualization, art, and dance, to “plant” the seeds of your (spring) intentions.


Free please fill out this registration form https://forms.gle/x59PZcqr4adHMFBU8 to access the dance for free. Once you fill out the form you will receive an email with a zoom link to join the dance.

Donations are welcomed and support my work and can be made via etransfer to liz@lizdiaz.ca (please include your email in the notes section of the etransfer) or via credit card here https://square.link/u/4SWZp21b

No prior dance experience required. Come as you are, with an open heart and a willingness to connect with yourself and the earth.

Let us gather in circle, honouring the sacredness of this moment and the infinite potential that lies within each of us.

With love, 



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