Your Thoughts and Beliefs Impact your Health & Wellbeing

“Thoughts that are uplifting, nurturing, and loving create healthy biochemistry and healthy cells, while thoughts that are destructive to self or others do just the opposite. 

We are born with innate love and acceptance of our bodies. 

Over time, our bodies and states of health are molded by the habitual thoughts and beliefs that guide our behaviour, thoughts and beliefs usually laid down in childhood

To improve our lives and our health and truly flourish, we must acknowledge the seamless unity between our beliefs, behaviours, and physical bodies. 

Then we must critically examine, name, and change any health-eroding beliefs and assumptions that we have 
unconsciously inherited and internalized from our parents and our culture”.

– Christine Northrup M.D. 

Excerpt from her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom 

How are your thoughts and beliefs impacting your well-being and health?

Are you aware of internalized believes that you have taken on from your parents, family, ancestors? 

What messages from teachers, friends, partners, employers, media, society have you been told, that you have internalized to be true?

It’s time to create sacred space to inquire, unlearn, reframe and return to a state of love and acceptance of our bodies. 

If you are looking for group support in this process, join me in my upcoming 6 week course “My Wise Body”. 

If you feel called to do, 1 to 1 work with reclaiming a positive relationship with your body, direct message me to book a 1 to 1 coaching session. 


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