Invite what feels good in your life along with what feels hard

The practice of resourcing has been so useful for me during the last couple of months. 

As a practice it has supported me in finding my center while I navigate the rapid changes of life that we are all experiencing individually and collectively. 

This practice reminds me to find courage, self-compassion and love in the face of suffering. 

So what exactly is “Resourcing”?

Resourcing is not a practice of ignoring or repressing pain and only focusing on feeling the good. 

But rather it is an invitation to name what is also good and strong in you life right now while simultaniously acknowledging what you are struggling with. 

Resourcing teaches us how to pay attention to more than one thing. 

This gifts us the opportunity to stay grounded; breathing in and out through the struggle/pain/suffering/chaos/sadness, without getting lost in the negativity spiral that is caused when we hyperfocus on what’s not working/our pain and suffering. 

Short Resourcing Practice:

Finding a comfortable seat, bringing your awareness to your breath. 

Remember this is a practice for increasing our sense of compassion and resiliency. 

Start by taking a deep breath, as you breath in acknowledge any pain you might be experiencing in this moment. Breathe out. 

Taking another deep breath in, find within you a place of comfort, a place that feels stable and grounded and strong right now. Breathe out.

Breathing in and out, practice opening your focus beyond the pain that you feel right now to include the parts of you that feel fine, solid, stable, peaceful, happy. 

Continue breathing in and out until you can sense a shift of perspective, from a limited focus to an expansive one that acknowledges your struggle and your strength.

Please know self-compassion is a practice, remember to be kind to yourself. 


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