Spiritual Connection


The first spiritual experience that I can remember, happened during a high school gym assembly (I went to an all girls catholic school) I don’t recall the exact details of what was happening in my teenaged life; but I do remember being overwhelmed, confused, sad,and angry. I was sobbing and shaking in my chair surrounded by a few hundred students. 

Inwards I asked for help and suddenly I felt a warm cloak like embrace that wrapped me from head to toe, that cooed to me that everything was going to be ok. It was an profound connection to something majestic, that made me feel a deep sense of peace and safety. 

I looked for this connection again and again in the teachings and practices from school and from attending Sunday morning mass, reciting the rosary etc, but I couldn’t find them there. 

It wasn’t until my late 20s, when I was doing front line community work that I began to question what I believed in. Supporting newcomers and youth find homes and work, really asked me to lead from the heart, but it also asked me to have faith. But faith in what?? 

Around the same time In my personal life “shit was hitting the fan” in my romantic relationship and in my health things started to fall apart, I was struggling with anxiety and depression. I started searching for something, something needed to shift but I wasn’t sure what. I felt a strong desire to connect with something greater than myself. 

I found meditation, and yoga by “chance”, and much later on in my journey I found dance, redefining my version of prayer, worship and spiritual connection. 

Slowly I gathered and created what I now know as my spiritual practice. A collection of truths and practices about my personal connection to The Divine that lead me to peace and encouraged me to live with an open heart.

What does spiritual connection mean to you?

Are you looking for ways to connect to the divine within you? 

Join me on Sunday Mornings in November for Dance Temple. 
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