My Wise Body 6 Week Group Program – Online

Starts April 4th 2024 (now closed) Get on the waitlist for the next round by emailing lizatlizdiaz.ca Want to do this work 1-1 ? check out the details here https://www.lizdiaz.ca/my-wise-body-1-1/

My Wise Body is a 6 week group program where we use therapeutic dance, mindfulness and somatic awareness to explore topics related to: deepening self-love, emotional awareness, embodied listening, self-compassion, body image and body identity. 

Who is this for:

This group is for women & female identified folks struggling with self-love & feeling at home in their body

This group is for you if you have been looking for a body centered, therapeutic and holistic approach to healing and deepening a peaceful and joyful connection to your body.

This group is particularly suited to women struggling with challenges around self-love, body image, and body acceptance related to (but not limited to) lack of body positivity, body changes, chronic illness or chronic pain.

Format of sessions and topics

Each session will follow a similar format:

Opening circle & brief check-in

Introduction of sessions topic and psychoeducation

Experiential activity ( a blend of breathwork, somatic practice/dance movement therapy, and embodied mindfulness)

Integration activity usually expressive art (journaling, drawing/colouring) no art experience is required,

Sharing as a group (optional you don’t have to share if you don’t want to, you will still receive the benefits of the experience)

Closing circle, explanation of take home practice until next session.

Session Topics

Session 1 My Wise Body Opening Circle – Starting the Journey of Coming Back to Your Body

Session 2 The Art of Self-Compassion – Navigating Your Critical Voice, a Gateway for Self-love

Session 3 Learning to Connect to your Body’s Wisdom through Mindful Awareness & Embodied Listening

Session 4:Exploring, identifying and moving with the emotions and beliefs that keep you disconnected from your body

Session 5: Your Body, Your Story, exploring and rewriting your Body Story.

Session 6: Creating a new roadmap for Self-Care & Self-Love

What you will receive:

Six 2hr guided sessions where you get to practice how to use mindfulness, movement and embodiment skills to create a more peaceful relationship with your body

A small intimate group setting with a maximum of 8 participants

A safe and nurturing space for you to honour and express

Take home resources that you can use at anytime even after the group finishes

Deeper appreciation, joy and connection to your body

Enhanced self-compassion, intuitive listening and embodied awareness skills

Community bonds with other like-minded women


“Being in circle has allowed me to explore the parts of me that don’t yet have words and uncover them through movement, all within the safety and support of an incredible group of women. This circle has lefts me feeling excited for the possibilities to come in my life”.

– Natasha, Participant

“I feel much more connected and aware. I am listening to my body more deeply, and making small changes (like a few deep breaths in between google meets) to help my body feel more grounded and nourished”.

— Meghan from Toronto, Canada

“I have gained insight into how my emotions show up and manifest in my body. This has greatly helped me to see the effects that situations have in a new and different way than I have in the past. I feel I am more in touch with my body as a result of taking the program.. This program taught me how to get in touch with myself on a deeper level through the fostering of practices that are simple to grasp and put in place on my own. Thank you Liz your love and care shows in everything that you do and I have deep gratitude for you and the work you do.”

— Cynthia from Toronto, Canada

Supplies you will need

Steady internet connection

A private space to move in, doesn’t have to be big but it needs to be just for you.

A journal and pen

Markers, pastels or crayons a mix of colours at least 5 different colours

Blank Paper

A yoga mat and cushion if you have them, if not a towel and pillow will do just fine


We meet online on Thursdays 7-9pm EST on Zoom

April 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, May 2nd, May 9th

Want to do this work 1-1, visit https://www.lizdiaz.ca/my-wise-body-1-1/

Or need more specialized support? Visit my Dance Movement Therapy page for more info here https://www.lizdiaz.ca/therapeutic-dance/

Investment for 3 months of support

$345 – $245 sliding scale for Full Series

Please choose the amount to pay for this program based on your financial ability.

You can pay in two ways, by making a deposit to secure your spot OR paying in full. Via either e-transfer or credit card via the links below. Please note if you choose to make a deposit the remaining registration fee is due by March 21st.

To secure your place a $70 non-refundable deposit is required via etransfer to liz@lizdiaz.ca or via this link https://square.link/u/3v8tOWfU.

OR pay in full via etransfer to liz@lizdiaz.ca or via credit card via the link below:

Supporter $345(choosing this rate helps pay it forward and off set the cost of those who cannot pay the full price to participate) https://square.link/u/7IiyOvfv

Full price $295(you are financially stable and can pay full price for this course)https://square.link/u/GpAQobB6

Supported $245 (you need financial support to participate, there are only 2 spots at this rate)https://square.link/u/u605c4av

refunds are available until March 21st, minus the non-deposit fee.

Space for this group program is limited to 8

Please note that you are encouraged to attend all sessions, as they build up on each other. if for some reason you are not able to, audio playbacks of facilitated portions will be available for replay, but not group sharing to maintain the privacy of those in attendance.

Questions? email me liz@lizdiaz.ca