Dance Journeys

Beloved mover, I’m so glad you are here! Some of you know me from when I use to host/dj conscious dance and ecstatic dance events in Toronto. Some of you know me from my work in dance movement therapy. If you are new to working with me, please know that what I weave into these dance journeys are a profound believe in the power of music and movement to help us integrate our life journey at the level of the body, mind, and spirit.

This page is dedicated to Dance Journeys, each dance journey will include a playlist, in addition to a mix of the following: recorded guided movement prompts to be played in-conjunction with the playlist, expressive writing and art prompts to help you integrate your dance journey, a ritual/blessing. Read the description under each dance journey title to see what’s specifically included for that specific dance journey.

These dance journeys are being offered to you at the moment by donation. Please tune into your heart and your financial means and make a donation accordingly, suggested amount is $30-50 per dance journey, however if this amount is prohibitive to you please make a donation of your choice. All donations of any amount are welcomed in supporting my work.

Please email me lizatlizdiaz.ca if you have a specific topic that you would like me to create a dance journey for. I am also hoping to at some point offer a membership program to those of you who would like to regularly access these dance journeys monthly or weekly, please let me know if that sounds like something you would like to be a part of!

Happy Moving! xoxo, Liz