Do you recognize your body as a safe space?

Do you recognize the space within you as safe space? 

If it feels good to you let’s do a short awareness practice together. 

On your next breath follow your breath inwards. 

Bring your awareness inside. If you feel comfortable you can close your eyes.

As you follow your breath inside, the invitation is to follow it to a space that feels safe and good to you within you. 

A space that feels connected, nourishing and supportive.

Letting your breath guide you to this space. 

Once you have found this place inside of you take a few breaths and notice what you notice.

Is this space connected to a certain body part? If so what sensations are alive here?

With each breath you land more deeply into your safe space take a moment here to pause and notice how your body feels. 

Also notice what emotions are alive for you. 

What does it feel like to be in this safe space? 

Allow yourself to soak in this feeling of having a safe space to go to that is located inside of you.

On your next breath find gratitude for your safe sanctuary and know that you can come here at anytime you need to.

Gently come back into your outer space. Take a look around and notice 5 things around you to ground yourself back to the outer world. 

How did you find this practice? 

If this practice was triggering for you please honour that, meditation practices are different for each person. 

If you felt disconnected or unsure how to go inwards and would like to develop inner awareness to feel safe within yourself DM to book a 1-1 session or check out my self-study course where I teach several mindful embodied listen skills that can support you in coming home to your body. 


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