Dancing counts as Self-Help!

Dancing counts as Self-Help!

Yup that’s right Dancing can be an act of self-care 👣

For me, it’s been the ultimate tool in self-care. 

Dancing provides a space where I can come back to myself. 

It’s a way that I can move with the emotions that I’m feeling in that moment that might not yet have words or be too difficult to voice, but can be moved. 

It helps me come back to my centre, ground into my body and gets me out of my head. 

It helps me shakes out my worries, and move forward with possibility. 

Ready to try incorporating dance as a tool for your self-care?

1) Put aside a specific time each day to dance, just like you might put aside time to read or go for a walk or meditate. 

5 to 15mins is great to start; work your way up to 30, and know that each day your dancing needs will be different.

2) Don’t overthink which songs to play🔊

Use your all time favourites, pick a random song from Spotify/radio, or try one of my playlists here https://linktr.ee/lizdiazcoach or build your own. 

3) To start try this for two weeks. If you miss a day don’t stress it! This is suppose to be a way to release energy from your day not to add to it. 

4)After your dance take a few moments to write in your journal check in with how you feel now post dance vrs before your dance. 

How do you emotionally, what body sensations are present, make sure to also capture those “aha” moments and inspiration. 

Let me know how it goes!


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