Journaling Prompts to Calm Fear & Anxiety

As many of us are spending more time in our own worlds (both external and internal), our emotions are changing frequently. 

We are also navigating higher levels of anxiety and fear. 

Journaling is a simple, yet powerful way to express yourself and let your emotions flow.

Journaling has helped me find solutions to my problems, identify and let go of things I can’t control, and change my perspective on the things I want to change but can’t.

It’s also helped me recognize my own strength so that I can worry less about what’s coming and trust more in my ability to handle it, whatever it may be.

I hope these journaling prompts bring you calm and deeper understanding. 

Pick and choose the journaling prompts you want to write to. 

You can do one a day, or set aside as much time as you want to to dive into all of them, it’s up to you. (Save this post ✍️ )

Be honest with yourself and explore where your writing leads you. 

Journaling Prompts for Calming Anxiety:

1. Today, I choose to let go of the things I can’t control, including…
2. I recognize that I don’t need to have all the answers right now….
3.Today, I give myself permission not to know…
4.Dear critical inner voice: You always focus on everything I’m doing wrong, but I know I’m doing a lot right, including…
4.What if just for today I release my anxiety…
5.What’s the worst that could happen? And is it really as bad as I’m imagining?
6.What’s the best that could happen? How can I open to receiving that best version and vision into my life now?
7.If I trusted that this situation was unfolding for my highest good and I let go of worrying about making the “wrong” choices and trust that no matter what I choose..

Journaling Prompts for Calming Fear:

1.How can I be gentle with myself right now?
2.Where is it showing up in your body and what does it feel like?
3.Imagine that your fear is your frightened inner child. Ask the child what it needs. Write out their answers.
4.Is there one you could do right now to bring sense of comfort and safety.


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