How to Ground Your Energy when you work with high volumes of people


Thanks Victoria for your question! How to ground your energy if you work at a mall, trade show, conference centre.

These techniques can also apply to other jobs where you are working with high volumes of people.

1) eat grounding foods and drink lots of water

2) use a smudging midst or essential oil diffuser to clear the energy in your space

3) run your hands under water regular our hands are a major energy source

4) get outside and breathe fresh air connect with a tree to help re-ground you

5) work with grounding crystals.Black tourmaline is good for energetic protection, shungite is recommended if your working with computers a lot and tiger iron or tigers eye are both overall good grounding stones.

6) change your clothes and take a shower as soon as you get home to release all energy that isn’t yours.

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