Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi

Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi

Crystals ~ Ancient Healing Tools for the Modern Yogi

 Article written for the Toronto Yoga Conference Guide 2019

Our planet is rich with beautiful crystals; they can be found in every part of our lives, from diamond engagement rings to the silicon chip that make our cell phones work. Crystals not only provide functional value to our material world, but can also amplify our healing intentions when used in conjunction with our yoga practice. Helping us find deeper levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

The first known reference to the healing powers of crystals was found in an Egyptian papyrus dated around 1600BC. The Greek philosopher Theophrastus (372-286 BC) wrote a book about precious stones called On Stones, and in 1746 Sir John Hill translated Theophrastus book into English in which he hypothesized that it was the metallic content of minerals of the stones, which gave them their healing powers.  

Crystal healing embraces the fact that everything in this universe is energy, making crystals a form of vibrational healing and energy medicine. Crystals like chakras are also transmitters and transformers of energy, giving crystals an innate ability to heal. Each type of crystal has it’s own specific properties which can support you at the mind, body, spirit level based on it’s particular energetic vibrations. By placing the appropriate crystals on your chakras, the crystals will support your body’s natural desire to heal and balance itself, bringing the corresponding chakras into greater alignment.

Bringing Crystals to the Mat

There are many ways to use crystals in your practice; but here are 3 simple ones that you can start with right away.  

Meditation ~ The simplest way to begin to incorporate crystals into your yoga practice is by including them in your meditation sits. Start by choosing a stone that you are attracted to (this is a sign of your natural resonance with the vibration or frequency of the stone). If you are unsure of which crystal to use; start with amethyst, fluorite, clear quartz or selenite. These crystals are great for meditation as they support the third eye and crown chakras. Hold your chosen crystal in your left hand during the meditation, or place it on your mat in front of you. Proceed with your regular meditation; the crystals will enhance your practice bringing greater levels of peace and focus into your mind.

Asana ~ Another way to integrate crystals into your practice is by creating a crystal grid around your mat, to energize and amplify your intentions for your practice. Even by just placing one crystal at the top of your mat to hold your attention and another at the back of your mat to ground you, will make a noticeable difference in your practice. Try it!

Savasana ~ Crystals are extremely nourishing and grounding, by resting with crystals in savasana it will provide your body with an opportunity to receive the full benefits of crystal healing. Rose quartz, malachite, pink tourmaline are fantastic crystals to place on the heart chakra, enveloping you in divine love.

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