Our body is the temple to our soul

Do you see your body as a temple?

In yoga and many other spiritual traditions the body is considered the temple of the soul. 

Yet many of us can’t begin to imagine our bodies as safe, let alone sacred. 

Our internal worlds might not feel safe, there might be pain, grief, and we would not describe our body as a temple.

Returning to seeing our body as sacred requires that we healing our inner world. 

To take our body from feeling unsafe or confusing to living inside our own skin, and opening to the wisdom that naturally flows through us.

A simple way that we can start to do this work is through our breath. 

Breathing is one of the few systems in our body that we can control voluntarily to support our nervous system. 

Our breath can help keep our body in a state of balance, reducing stress and pain, while improving our mood,wellbeing and spiritual connection.

For this specific breathing practice inhales should be through your nose, and exhalations should be through your mouth with pursed lips.

Please note not all breathing exercises are a one size fits all, if it feels good, great, if it makes you feel anxious, stop. Trust what feels right for you. 

Resonant Breath Practice 

•To start find a comfortable seat and start and take a few breaths, start to notice the expansion and contraction for your belly with each inhale and exhale. On your next inhale start the resonant breath. 

•Inhale for four seconds through your nose, then exhale for six seconds.

•Inhale for five seconds through your nose, then exhale for five seconds.

•Inhale for six seconds through your nose, then exhale for six seconds. 

•Inhale for five seconds through your nose, then exhale for seven seconds.

Practice for 5mins. 

Once your complete check-in see how you feel now in comparison to when you first started.

Please share your experiences in the comments below.

Want to learn more about different practices that can support you in reconnecting to your body? DM me your questions. 

May we all find peace in our bodies.


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