Our body is our partner in this human lifetime

Our body is our partner in this human lifetime

The truth is that our body is our partner in this human lifetime. We were gifted our body – to aid us in our purpose. 

It is our responsibility to create a divine and loving relationship with our body. 

Yet for many of us we don’t have a good relationship with our body. 

There can be many reasons for why we are not friends with our body. Past traumatic experience, negative beliefs about our body, illness or pain.

Take a moment to tune and reflect on what your current relationship is with your body? What is your current attitude towards your body?

As you do this self-reflection try not to shame yourself. Awareness is the first step in creating change. 

Ok so you have identified that you don’t have the best relationship with your body. 

Let’s get curious for a second what would happen if you treated your body like a friend? 

Cultivating a more nourishment, supportive a loving relationship?

How would this change your life? 

In this short video I share some practice tips on how to come back to being friends with your body. 

Need more support?

I also have three offerings if you want to dive deeper into reconnecting with your body wisdom. 6 week Self-study program https://lizdiaz.teachable.com/p/my-wise-body

Women’s Support Circle – Our current circle is full but new cohort will start in September. 

If you are looking for 1-1 support check-out the coaching tab


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