Our body is an incredible resource and ally

Our body is an incredible resource and ally

Our body is an incredible resource and ally, from our gut instincts to our heart’s deepest yearnings.

It is consistently trying to support us with information to keep us on track in our purpose and life journey.

When we have a grounded and connected relationship to our body, it also inherently leads us to have a strong connection with our innate spirit and energy. 

Yet most of us are disconnected from our body, as we strive to live in our constantly “on” and fast moving world. A world that make us feel as though we cannot slow down enough to take breathe much less pray if we want to keep up.

As we lose touch and ignore our body and our inner landscape of wisdom, our health and spiritual resiliency suffers.

Science in recent years has shown us the interweaving correlation between mind, body, emotions and spirit. That if we are experiencing alienation from the body it will create a ripple effect throughout our whole being, creating exhaustion, depression, stress-related illnesses, and burnout. aus

So how do we come back into connection? 

Developing embodied awareness can play a major roll in coming back to our body, healing illnesses, healing our spirit and developing a friendship and allyship with our body. 

Ultimately transforming fear, doubt, and disconnection into a sense of trust and confidence in yourself and life as a whole.

Are you ready to shift your connection to your body and experience a powerful transformation?

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