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Honouring Where Your at in the Journey ~ Playlist

The invitation for this dance journey is for you to acknowledge and honour where you are at in your journey of life. Life flows more like a spiral then a linear line. These word by Tanya Markul describe it best. “There’s a time for cord cutting, letting go, and breaking free. There’s a time for…
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Comfortable In Your Skin

I have been hosting women’s dance circles for 6 years now, and a major thing that women share with me about their experiences is how much more comfortable they become with themselves and their bodies through the process of movement. Self-acceptance and discovering how to be ok with and loving where you are at, is…
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Dance as a Pathway to Bliss

MY PERSONAL STORY ABOUT WHY I DANCE In 2012 I had an spiritual awakening experience through movement. Some would label my experience as a kundalini rising, others a out of body/trance experience. Labels or not here is what I can affirm. Please note no psychedelics were consumed in this experience. Earth under my bare feet…
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Photo of Machu Pichu

Call To Peru

Call to Peru There is a certain kind of magic that I experience when I am in Peru that is hard to express in words. In the weaving of majestic landscapes, humble people, its’ culture, ancient history and mystical treasures, transports me to a place where I feel like everything vibrates and shines a bit…
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Self-Healing with Reiki, an Act of Self-Love

Self-Healing with Reiki, an Act of Self-Love Acts of self-love and self-healing requires commitment and deep listening.  It is also a call to take action, to listen to the messages our bodies give us and learn from them and what they might be asking us. Reiki can support us in achieving optimum health. It can…
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New Moon & Solar Eclipse – Intention Setting

The moon is earth’s oldest temple, she is deeply connected to the tides of our waters. They cycles of the moon holds much magic that can guide us in our day to day. New moons are especially known for their relationship to new beginnings. This Thursday July 12th, 2018 will be a new moon in…
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Growing Pains of Spiritually Awakening Women – Part #2 Illness as a Spiritual Catalyst for Change

Part #2 Illness as a Spiritual Catalyst for Change In this weeks Podcast we look at Illness as a Catalyst for change. Illness gives us the opportunity to become better versions of ourselves. It brings us into deeper awareness with our highest-selves and life purpose. Join in and listen as we take a look beyond…
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Growing Pains of Spiritually Awakening Women – Part #1 Why we lose friends

#Part 1 – Why We Lose Friends When We Awaken Spiritually The early years of my awakening were difficult. What made it especially challenging was not having people in my life that understood me. I remember how shocking it was when I started to lose my friends. I wish someone had told me that losing…
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