Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Disconnect from it’s sensations and wisdom? 

Here are common causes of disconnection:

Reflect on what feels the most true to you. 

-Everytime you turn your attention towards your body, all you feel is pain and emotionally overwhelmed you don’t know how to do deal with it so you keep ignoring it and suppressing it.

-You live in your head and believe that your mental energy is what is going to get you ahead in life .

-Unhealed life experiences that have left you feeling “shutdown” and “frozen” You feel dissociated and numb when it comes to your body. 

-You believe the body is a machine and must be controlled.

The reality is if you are not connected to your body’s wisdom, you are missing inner signals that are vital for thriving and finding joy in life.

Learning to communicate with your body, is one the best and fastest ways to learn to heal and reconnect to your body’s innate and powerful wisdom. 
Want to come home to your body? 

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