Affirmations for Releasing the Past

Did you know the brain 🧠 handles positive and negative information in different hemispheres? 

Negative emotions generally involve more thinking, and the information is processed more thoroughly than positive ones. 

This is why we tend to ruminate more about unpleasant events and use stronger words to describe them than happy ones. 💥

Here is where repeating positive affirmations throughout your day can be a useful tool. 

Affirmations help to “rewire” your brain by focusing on peaceful intentions instead of being stuck in loops of anger, guilt and sadness.

If you have been struggling with holding on to a grudge, a bad experience, or a betrayal. 

Chinonye J. Chidolue describes it best “It is mental slavery to cling to things that have stopped serving its purpose in your life 

Try following affirmation, silently or out loud as a method of directing your mind in letting go of the past and stepping into the present.


✨ I set myself and others free by choosing to forgive
✨ I acknowledge my unresolved feelings with patience & self-compassion 
✨ I bless the past and embrace the present moment with an open heart
✨ I stop feeling the need to control everything and let go of my need to be right
✨Every breath I take fills me with peace
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If this is your fist time using affirmations two things to note 📝:

-STICK TO IT positive affirmations takes time, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain. 

-Affirmations are a PRACTICE FOR EXPANDING CONSCIOUSNESS it is important to repeat the affirmations with gentle and loving energy.
-REMEMBER although you can’t change what happened, you can choose the stories that you tell yourself about what happened.


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