Dance is not just movement, dance can help you connect to living a more intentional life – A Dance Movement Therapy Prompt

Dance is not just movement; it’s a deliberate expression of the soul’s intentions. In the rhythmic language of the body, we find the power to shape our narrative, align with purpose and dance our was into an intentional life.

Here’s how to begin (you will need a minimum of 15mins) :

1.Begin your movement/dance by finding a quiet space where you can stand comfortably. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, into your heart and body.  Centreing yourself in the present moment. Feel the connection between your feet and the ground, anchoring your awareness.

2.Take a moment before you open your eyes to connect to your intention.  What are you intentionally seeking to bring into this world through your dance?  Maybe it’s clarity, strength, compassion, or any other qualities you seek to embody. Notice how this intention shows up in your body, notice if there is an image/symbol or sound attached to this intention as you bring it into your awareness. 

3.Start with slow, deliberate movements, letting each gesture symbolize a step towards your chosen intentions. If clarity is your focus, imagine dispelling mental fog with sweeping arm movements. For strength, feel the grounding power in your legs and core as you explore purposeful steps. To express compassion, let your arms embrace the space around you with gentle, flowing motions etc. 

4.As you dance, be mindful of your body’s sensations, noticing how each movement resonates with your conscious awareness.

5.Introduce intentional pauses, allowing yourself to reflect on the significance of the dance in relation to your daily life. Embrace deliberate transitions, symbolizing the fluidity of your journey towards greater intentionality.

6.Let the rhythm of the music guide you or dance in silence, focusing on the internal rhythm of your breath. Allow your dance to become a moving meditation, a moving expression of your commitment to conscious living. With each intentional step, you are actively shaping the path toward a life filled with purpose and mindful awareness. 

Take some time after moving to journal or make some art to integrate what came through from your movements. 

I hope you enjoyed this movement prompt!