Spiritual Wellness Coach

Womb Healing Sessions

Your womb is the center of your feminine power, energy and creativity, it is a storehouse for energy, emotions and memories.

Many of us lose connection with our womb energy due unresolved wounding and traumas.

This creates blockages at the physical, emotional, energetic level.

By consciously engaging in its cleansing, we are able to refill our womb with our own essence and vital life force energy.

This 90 min session is designed to connect you with your womb energy and inner feminine guidance.

Come into knowing what your womb may be asking you to release / create at this specific time in your life.

Each session includes a reiki treatment, a guided womb meditation, breath work and the use of crystals specifically chosen to support your womb.

Sesiones are being held in person @the_rock_store

154 harbord street (between Bathurst and Spadina on Harbord) Toronto

Call 416 516 2191 to book your session.

Take advantage of the promo pricing for this 90min session of $135