Comfortable In Your Skin

Comfortable In Your Skin

I have been hosting women’s dance circles for 6 years now, and a major thing that women share with me about their experiences is how much more comfortable they become with themselves and their bodies through the process of movement. Self-acceptance and discovering how to be ok with and loving where you are at, is all part of the dance of life. 

When I first started practicing Ecstatic Dance & Dance Our Way Home with Erica Ross, I was in a journey of self-discovery. I was seeking a path that showed me how my body and spirit connected, read more in my blog  “Dance Ecstacy” .

The more I danced, the more I discovered. Some days when I danced, I discovered new parts of my body that felt like they had been asleep for ions.  Other days when I danced I discovered trapped, hidden emotions of sadness, grief, pain and frustration. And sometimes when I danced, I found peace, joy, freedom and bliss.
All of these experiences had a place to be shared, and found a home on the dance floor. The dance floor became my sanctuary and my body my temple; a place where I could return to over and over again. Through the dance I learned how to give my self permission to be me. Through the dance I learned how to find compassion for myself, to really truly deeply love myself.
Slowly I started to learn how dance with myself.
In dancing with myself dance I learned how to:
Accept myself
Love myself
Bless myself
Value myself
Express myself
Forgive myself
Trust myself
Empower myself
Became comfortable in my own skin
I am eternally grateful for discovering dance as a path to wholeness.
Thankful for my teachers and my dancing community, and infinity grateful to spirit for calling me forth to support other women in becoming more comfortable in their own skin.
Will you join me in this journey of self-discovery and love?
Next Dance Temple Series Starts Nov 13th full details here
Join me in the Sacred Valley of Peru June 8-16th, 2019 for an Ecstatic Dance Retreat

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