Navigating Emotional Waters & Emotional Hangovers

Navigating Emotional Waters & Emotional Hangovers

I am still navigating how to be with higher than usual amount of daily chronic pain and discomfort from new symptoms related to my traumatic brain injuries.

All the while swimming in some deep waters of emotional exhaustion, that have left me literally feeling very confused and basically hungover about everything. 

So what am I doing to cope? 

Lots of self-care, re-prioritizing, making sure I’m being honest and saying No to what I can’t handle and saying Yes to what feels nourishing. Plus upping the dose of prayer and letting myself feel the pain and feel the hope. 

How are you navigating your own inner emotional waters at this time?

Resonate with the hungover feeling even though you haven’t been drinking? 

Did you know “Emotional hangover” is an actual thing. 

NYU researchers have actually proved that the phenomenon exists. 

The idea is that the effects of an emotional event can linger for a while after the event actually happens — This event can be anything from an argument with your best friend to a break up with your partner, US elections etc. 

While the event is over, your head is still reeling and messing with your current emotions.

Dr. Judith Orloff, author of The Empath’s Survival Guide, says that “emotional hangovers are the energetic residue left over from the interaction,” and without an outlet, this energy affects your physical well-being. They can make you feel tired, foggy or ill.

So how do we recovering from an emotional hangover? 

You guessed it self care! 

What’s one self-care thing you can do today?

Eat something yummy and nourishing? Journal? Take a long bath? Make art? Have an at home retreat? 

I invite you to do what feels most nourishing. 


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