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Self-Healing with Reiki, an Act of Self-Love

Self-Healing with Reiki, an Act of Self-Love Acts of self-love and self-healing requires commitment and deep listening.  It is also a call to take action, to listen to the messages our bodies give us and learn from them and what they might be asking us. Reiki can support us in achieving optimum health. It can…
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Awaken the Healer Within

Awaken the Healer Within – Reiki, Crystal & Affirmations – 3 Essential Self-Care Methods for Creating Optimal Health In this one day course you will Awake The Healer Within by learning how to use 3 Essential Self-Care Methods for Creating Optimal Health Reiki, Affirmations & Crystals This is a 6hr introduction course into Reiki, crystals,…
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Stardust and magic in woman hands on dark background

What you can expect in a Reiki session?

Each Reiki treatment is an individualized experience. Reiki can support you in clearing, finding harmony and balance.  It is non – invasive and involves the practitioner opening to Reiki and allowing it to flow through them to you the client. Reiki permeates through the spiritual, physical, energetic and emotional bodies. The  practitioner invites Reiki to…
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Woman resting after a yoga class in shavasana. Under back her bolster for spine therapy

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga allows the body to gently open to the benefits of the pose, and for you to surrender into relaxation. This practice is extremely healing, and although it is a subtle practice, its benefits are profound. Join us to experience the luxury of deep relaxation, allowing yourself to let go of all tension in…
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