Spiritual Wellness Coach

Month: December 2018

Clarity Sessions ~ Get Clear, Focused & Aligned for 2019

Life is composed of multiple crossroads, sometimes, the direction forward and the path that supports our continued growth, success and joy is not always clear. These times of uncertainty can be very challenging; we might find ourselves feeling frustrated, indecisive and sometimes at a complete loss of how to move forward. A primary cause of…
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Divine Support

DIVINE SUPPORT In a recent conversation with a client, we were talking about transformation. That transformation can break us open, and leave us feeling like will never make it to the other side. We can feel confused about next steps, and at times can be a very lonely journey, if we don’t have strong support…
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Ritual as an Act of Intentional Living

RITUAL AS AN ACT OF INTENTIONAL LIVING Why do we need rituals? I think we are all craving a little bit of magic and spirituality in our lives. Many of us don’t identify with a structured religious practice; leaving us to create our own ways to commune with the divine. When we have rituals in…
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