Ritual as an Act of Intentional Living

Ritual as an Act of Intentional Living

Why do we need rituals?

I think we are all craving a little bit of magic and spirituality in our lives.

Many of us don’t identify with a structured religious practice; leaving us to create our own ways to commune with the divine.

When we have rituals in place they help us anchor our lives into the divine.

Helping us be more present and intentional about the way we move along our day to day and keep us focused along our divine path.

What kind of rituals should you create?

  1. Identify which areas in your life do you feel could use a bit more intention?
  2. Is there an area of your life that needs more divine support? At work? Or around your home life or your partnership?
  3. Take a minute and intuitively feel into where you might need to create a ritual
  4. Then reflect upon qualities that you would like to call into your life; maybe more peace, connection, joy?
  5. Think of practicable, repeatable actions that you could do relate to this area of your life that bring about more intention. Keeping consistently with your daily rituals can be tough at the beginning but the trick is to pair it up with another action that you already do.One of my all time favourites and super simple rituals is the “energetic shower”

    As soon as you get home from your busy day take a moment to do the following:
    Burn either sage, palo santo, cedar or lavender, and use the smoke from these burning plants to clear you energy.

    This acts as an energetic threshold, leaving behind any negative energy from your day at work.

    You can also say and this prayer as you cleanse yourself:

    May my hands be cleansed.
    May my feet be cleansed.
    May my heart be cleansed.
    May my throat be cleansed.
    May my eyes be cleansed.
    May my thoughts be cleansed
    I release all negativity to be cleansed by the smoke of these plants.
    May this smoke carry away my fears and worries into the light of the divine so that I can embody my highest vibration.


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