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Clarity Sessions ~ Get Clear, Focused & Aligned for 2019

Life is composed of multiple crossroads, sometimes, the direction forward and the path that supports our continued growth, success and joy is not always clear. These times of uncertainty can be very challenging; we might find ourselves feeling frustrated, indecisive and sometimes at a complete loss of how to move forward. A primary cause of…
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Revitalization Coaching Sessions

Revitalization Sessions April Spring Promotion Renew, Restore, Rebirth and Let your Soul Rise up in Spring 2018!  It is time to Restore, Renew, Rebirth, let your soul Rise Up! Are you carrying an important vision that needs to start, but don’t know how? Still thawing from the winter freeze and feeling sluggish, uneasy, or stuck? Just…
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What you can expect in a Reiki session?

Each Reiki treatment is an individualized experience. Reiki can support you in clearing, finding harmony and balance.  It is non – invasive and involves the practitioner opening to Reiki and allowing it to flow through them to you the client. Reiki permeates through the spiritual, physical, energetic and emotional bodies. The  practitioner invites Reiki to…
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Benefits of Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness has been demonstrated to have many benefits: Reduced stress levels Increased immune functioning Improved ability to stay focused Enhanced intuition and decision making Mindfulness can change your perspective and improve your health and wellbeing. Check out here videos here on how meditation has changed her life.

Woman resting after a yoga class in shavasana. Under back her bolster for spine therapy

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga allows the body to gently open to the benefits of the pose, and for you to surrender into relaxation. This practice is extremely healing, and although it is a subtle practice, its benefits are profound. Join us to experience the luxury of deep relaxation, allowing yourself to let go of all tension in…
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Coaching with Liz

Working with Liz is for you if: You identify as creative, intelligent, who feels lost, exhausted and spiritually disconnected. You want more out of life, but have been unable to connect with yourself and your inner wisdom and intuition for clarity, stability or direction. You want to fully and powerfully know, accept and love yourself.…
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