Dance Heal Transform 21 Day Program

Dance Heal Transform 21 Day Program


Discover a new way to promote healing, growth, and transformation in your life. Through the power of movement, reset and realign your mind, body & soul in just 15 mins a day.

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This is a Therapeutic 21 Day Daily Dance Practice to support you in exploring the healing and transformational benefits of movement.

Benefits of this program:

1. Increases self-awareness.

2. Helps reduce stress; supports in accessing your vitality & joy.

3. Connects you to your body’s wisdom.

4. Tool for self-healing & a gateway to the mind-body-spirit connection.

5. Helps improve motor and cognitive capacity.

What is Therapeutic Dance?

A free formed movement practice, where there are no specific steps or requirements on how to move, but rather the dance emerges from the inside out.

The focus of the movement and dance is used to  develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

It is based on the principle that the mind, body, and spirit are interconnected, and that movement can help to facilitate healing and promote physical and emotional well-being.

This program is for you if:

• You are committed to your personal growth and want to explore the benefits of dancing and connecting connecting with your body daily.

• You want to learn how to deeply connect to your body’s messages and wisdom  through simple movement  practices.

• You are ready to cleanse your mind and body of stuck emotions and subconscious blocks through the practice of free-formed movement and journaling.

• You want to access a deeper sense of freedom and joy .

• You feel called to realign your mind, body and soul.

Please note that an at home dance practice can be therapeutic but should not replace working with a therapist/receiving professional support for your mental health.

How the program works:

Once you sign-up via email you will receive:

  • An Ebook that introduces the benefits of Therapeutic Dance and how to incorporate this practice into your day to day.
  • 21 Mini Spotify Playlists; each playlist is about fifteen mins, the perfect length for a daily dance practice. The playlist is curated with music from all over the world that will inspire you to move.
  • 21Days of Movement Prompts to support your movement practice and get you moving. You can choose to use the movement prompts or not.
  • A Printable Dance Heal Transform Journal with 21 reflection questions that you can use to integrate your daily dance practice.
  • Please note there is no timeline to complete this program. You can choose to do it daily or not, based on what works for your schedule. In the companion Ebook I make suggestions on how you can incorporate this program into your daily life, but you ultimately get to choose when to complete it.

Please double check your email when you are making your purchase, this is where the program will be emailed to.