Earth Body

An Ecosomatic Movement Journey 

For the last 3 & 1/2 Years I have been living in the Sacred Valley of Peru, this land is surrounded my mountains and rushing rivers. Living so closely to this kind of nature I have deepened my practice in embodiment through connection with the natural world, and I would love to share what I have discovered with you so that you can access deeper levels of self-discovery, joy and vitality.  

Program Intention:
To explore the intersection of somatics, mindfulness, movement, and nature to nurture your body, mind, and spirit.

How the Program Works 

This Self-directed program includes a series of simple yet profound eco-somatic practices, ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes in duration, these practice will support you in learning more about the somatic wisdom of your body in connection to the healing energies of the Earth. 

The program will run from May to September you can join the program at anytime during this timeframe. 

Each week you will receive an email with that weeks practice. 
The weekly practice will be one or a mix of the following:
Guided audio recordings, playlists, journaling prompts, meditations, and rituals, that will accompany you as you will embark on a journey of connection, awakened vitality, and renewal amidst the beauty of spring and summer.  Practices will be 5min-30mins in length. That can be printed or downloaded onto your phone and be taken with you just about anywhere.

These practices are curated for you to do practice them outside, in a park, in your garden, at the cottage, sitting at the base of your favourite tree, during a hike, or on your summer camping trip. 

Each practice invites you to deepen your relationship with nature, to awaken your senses, and to rediscover your inherent connection to the Earth.

Some of the overarching themes that we will cover in this spring/summer program are:
-Coming to back to your body through your senses, nature, and the elements
-Healing and accessing joy through nature
-Accessing stability, strength and deeper sense of security within yourself through nature.

Who is this program for:

  • You are a lover of movement, mindfulness and nature 
  • Your are seeking to calm and relax your nervous system
  • You want to deepen your spiritual awareness
  • You are looking to enhance a sense of connection and well-being with yourself
  • You struggle with feeling disembodied and disconnected
  • You want to awaken a sense of inner safety 
  • You want to deepen your relationship with your own body, attuning to its innate wisdom and cultivating a deeper sense of self-awareness and embodiment.

Take advantage of the early bird pricing for this program $125 before May 6th Regular pricing $155 after May 6th  
Pay by etransfer to liz@lizdiaz.ca or via credit card here https://square.link/u/sVNdDUWw

Join me as we journey together towards greater harmony and alignment with the natural world, and discover the profound healing that arises when we honor the sacred bond between our bodies and the Earth.