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My Wise Body – Self-Study Course to return to the sacred within you.


My Wise Body 

Arrive to the temple of your divine feminine body and re-awaken to your body’s inner wisdom.

Are you:

Wanting to learn tools and exercises to enhance your ability to listen to your body’s messages?

Ready to gain a deeper connection to your divine essence while enhancing your physical and emotional well being?

Ready to acknowledge, honour and release; stuck energy, emotions and stories from your body?

Through carefully curated practices of mindful embodied awareness, expressive movement, and ritual, this course has been created with the intention of guiding you back home to the wisdom of your body.

Are you ready to reclaim the wisdom and power innate to your body and divine feminine essence?

Course Outline:

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Flow of Course:

  • Once you sign-up for the course you will receive access to 6 modules.  Each module contains core teachings plus bite size embodiment practices; a blend of recorded meditations, self-inquiring journaling prompts, playlist and rituals to connect you to your divine essence and support the teachings from that week.

What You Will Receive from this 6 module course

  • Access to The My Wise Body online course platform with recorded meditations, self-inquiring journaling prompts, self-care practices, and rituals to connect you to your divine essence.
  • Membership to Dance Heal Transform online platform dedicated to connecting you with the other women in the course, to share and receive support and inspiration.
  • Book list for continued learning and reading

Register Here:

The self care investment for this 6 module course:

$197 if you are in the US please use this link here to register  https://lizdiaz.teachable.com/p/my-wise-body

If you are in Canada please pay $197 via e-transfer liz@lizdiaz.ca please include your email or via PayPal HERE  

Questions? email me liz@lizdiaz.ca 

What women are saying about this course:

“I feel much more connected and aware. I am listening to my body more deeply, and making small changes (like a few deep breaths in between google meets) to help my body feel more grounded and nourished.”

— Meghan from Toronto, Canada

“I have gained insight into how my emotions show up and manifest in my body. This has greatly helped me to see the effects that situations have in a new and different way than I have in the past. I feel I am more in touch with my body as a result of taking the 6 week course.

This program has made me feel more open sharing my truth with like minded individuals.

I really enjoyed meeting women who are also interested in enlarging their knowledge and connection between their mind and body.

This program taught me how to get in touch with myself on a deeper level through the fostering of practices that are simple to grasp and put in place on my own.

Thank you Liz for allowing me to be part of such a strong group of women. Your love and care shows in everything that you do and I have deep gratitude for you and the work you do.”

— Cynthia from Toronto, Canada