Moving Heart

Moving Your Heart 

Women’s Dance Movement Therapy Circle

Mondays May 29th to June 19th (4 week series)

in person (Toronto) and online via zoom 7-9pm EST

4 week series where we explore what it means to live from the heart. Themes we will explore include: healing from loss, and pain, cultivating love for self and others, forgiveness and letting go. 

What to expect:

  • Discussion and education
  • Gentle mindful somatic movement and breath to bring awareness to the heart 
  • Dance Movement Therapy to deepen connection with the heart,
  • Self-Reflection and self-enquiry through journaling
  • Sharing with the sacred container of our women’s circle 
  • Meditation, energy work and ritual will also be sprinkled into our 4 week series.


Monday nights Online & In-Person in Toronto 7-9pm EST. 

This is a 4 part series, no drop-ins.

If you miss a class, you will have access to the facilitated audio of the somatic movement practice & music, but not of the group share.

We Start Monday May 29th Ending on Monday June 19th


$140 CAD if you are within Canada 

$190 CAD if you in the USA which is the equivalent of $140USD

If you are in Canada send e-transfer liz@lizdiaz.ca, make sure to include in the notes section of the e-transfer your email. Or use this link https://www.eventbrite.com/e/moving-heart-tickets-623352984557 via credit card, processing fees apply.

Dancing Online via Zoom

5 online spaces are available for this series first come first served. 

Dancing in Person in Toronto 

There are only 7 spots for in person dancing first come first serve. Please send your payment to register of $140 Cad. 

In person dance takes place at The Yoga House – 7 Copeland Ave, near Woodbine & Danforth. https://goo.gl/maps/4u1MGAcHo31fbQn97

There is a small rental fee that needs to be paid directly to Jen Popkins it will be somewhere between $58-81 total for the four weeks the exact amount will depend on how many people sign-up to dance in person. 

Please note that I am still in peru and will be facilitating virtually, but there is a lovely group of women who are dancing together in person in Toronto and you are welcome to join them.

Questions email me liz@lizdiaz.ca 

What is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance Movement therapy invites you to explore the healing conversation between your body, mind, and spirit. Dance Movement Therapy is a therapeutic process, and you don’t need a background in dance to attend these sessions.  In this instance movement and dance give you an opportunity to express both conscious and unconscious feelings.  Movement and dance are tools, providing a way for you to meet yourself authentically and compassionately.  During the sessions you are guided to look to your body and its expression for wisdom, this is especially important when you might not have words to express how you are feeling. Dance Movement therapy can also support you in integrating new ways of seeing yourself and your worldview by exploring varied movement patterns and movement qualities. Dance Movement Therapy provides a safe space for you to express yourself with the intention of bringing you closer to a greater sense of well-being.

What is Somatic Awareness & Somatic Movement? 

Somatic Awareness is mindful (intentional and focused) attention to the sensations in the body.  Somatic Movement focuses on the internal experience of the movement rather than the external appearance or result of the movement.  Somatic Awareness & Movement are therapeutic interventions that incorporates awareness, to gain information about the physical and emotional state with the intention of moving the participant towards a healing response.

Please note No dance or somatic awareness experience is needed to participate in this series. However you must have a genuine desire to reconnect to your body.

What people say about working with Liz

“DMT Sessions and series with Liz create a safe and supported container to really deeply open into and explore the body’s wisdom, capacity for creative expression and self-healing powers!”

“Group Dance Movement Therapy with Liz was a beautiful and profound inner journey. Liz holds safe and sacred space for deep diving within. Every class was so juicy! I have emerged with greater self-awareness, and the sacred gifts of this body temple I inhabit! Thank you Liz.”

“A beautiful 6 week journey inwards towards self-compassion. Deep healing for the body & soul. Liz gently guides and supports you with her presence and beautifully curated music. Highly recommend! “

“Learning and relearning to listen and respond to my body has been the gift that Liz has given me. Especially as I navigate a chronic condition that I don’t have control over, the practices learned over the this series has given me joy, self agency and the ability to once again befriend my body. Liz’s guidance is superb”