Spiritual Wellness Coach

Mothers to Be Blessing & Ceremony

Honour your journey into motherhood through an empowering ceremony of a Mother’s Blessing. During our time in circle we will ground into the sacred, through ritual,prayer and movement. Together we bring intention and awareness into this momentous transition in your life; by creating safe space for you to be nourished, and bask in the brilliance and sacredness of your pregnancy. Through this 2hr ceremony you will be guided through an experience that includes; pre-natal yoga, meditation,art, dance and voice.

These self-care tools and expression rituals are designed to deepen your connection to your baby and feel into the sacredness of motherhood. No experience of pre-natal yoga or dance is required, just a deep desire to celebrate pregnancy as a rite of passage.

This ceremony is offered in a group or individual setting, email Liz to coordinate the details of your personal ceremony, or to find out dates and location for the next group ceremony.