Spiritual Wellness Coach

Yoni Yoga Workshop

Join us for an information – based and embodied workshop where you will experience, learn and awaken to the power of your Yoni. ‘Yoni’ is the Sanskrit word, meaning ‘sacred space’ or ‘temple’. In ancient traditions, our yonis were honoured and worshiped for their life-giving abilities.

Are you ready to reconnect to your divine feminine spirit and explore how becoming yoni centered can empower your body, sensuality and enhance your capacity for bliss and ecstasy?

In this sacred workshop we will dive deeper into learning about:

The Yoni as it is seen in ancient traditions – from a Tantric and Taoist perspective
Receive Yoga & embodiment practices to awaken your feminine sexual energy while strengthening your pelvic floor that you can use daily to connect deeper with your body, your yoni and your unique feminine essence.
Understanding how to unblock your sexual energy, heal yourselves and establish an intimate energetic connection to your wombs and yonis.
Learn about Woman’s anatomy of arousal to support you in increasing orgasmic potential, and sensation in your yoni; in this section we will also covered Yoni massage for healing, awakening and pleasure
Yoni Steam & Yoni Egg: Learn what herbs are safe to use for yoni steam; the ancient practice that promotes uterine health. We will also demystify the practice of yoni eggs as a tool for sensual self-care.

This workshop is designed for women who wish to develop more self-love and are ready to tap into the power of the sacred feminine. This is also for the woman who is seeking to transform her relationship with her sexuality and sensuality.

Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a journal and a water bottle.
Please note, this workshop is situated in The Temple Room on the second floor of The Rock Store in a ceremony space. It is accessible by Stairs only. Food is not permitted.

Date: September 28th, 2019 @ The Rock Store 154 Harbord
Time: 12 – 3 PM
Cost: $65 + HST
Limited to 15 particpants

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